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Terms You Might Hear When Talking About Applied Behavioral Analysis

  • Positive Reinforcement - Rewarding positive behavior using toys, treats, social time, and breaks. This type of reinforcement increases positive behavior. Everyone is motivated by something, and your child is no different. Our team finds what motivates them the most and uses these tools to increase positive behavior.
  • Extinction Burst - Occurs when a previously reinforced behavior is no longer reinforced; can cause an increase in problem behavior.
  • Antecedent - This is what happens in the environment before a behavior occurs.
  • Behavior - This is what your child is doing. Usually the negative behavior you want to decrease.
  • Consequence - What happens after the behavior occurs. This can be a negative or positive reaction to the behavior.
  • ABC Data - This is a type of data you may be asked to collect. It gives the team an idea as to what may be causing the behavior, and if it is being reinforced in some way. The ABC's stand for Antecedent, Behavior and Consequence.
  • Function of Behavior - This is the "why" of behavior, or the reason behind behavior. There are 4 main functions of behavior:
    • Escape: Engaging in behavior to get out of doing a task.
    • Attention: Engaging in behavior to gain the attention of parents, peers, or teachers. This doesn't necessarily mean positive attention.
    • Access to Tangibles: Engaging in behavior to gain access to an item like a toy or a preferred activity.
    • Automatic: Engaging in behavior because it feels good to the individual.
Helpful resources online for families faced with autism

Helpful Autism Online Resources

Autism Resources

Autism Speaks provides a comprehensive guide to autism. It also has tools and resource lists for each state.

Autism Resources

Autism Society provides families with the latest updates on autism and public policy. It also gives families local and national resources.

Autism Resources

Autism Beacon was started by a parent with a child who has autism. The site strives to provide parents and professionals with autism information and resources.

The Autism Research Institute provides funding to research groups looking at causes and treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism Resources

Autism Care Today's goal is to help families receive treatment by providing the necessary resources like referrals and grants to families affected by autism

Autism Resources

The PLAY Project™ is a resource to inspire parents to implement at home. The site has ideas and resources to help your child play and learn at home.

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